Empower mothers in recovery with a donation

Heart Rock Recovery Center provides a space that is:

…for mothers recovering from substance use and their children.

We depend on your generous Amazon wishlist and monetary donations to support our sober living community for pregnant and parenting women struggling with substance misuse or dual diagnosis. Learn how your tax-deductible donation supports our Indianapolis recovery center!

What your donation provides


Safe and appropriate seating for infants and toddlers, including highchairs and Bumbo chairs for our dining, living, and play areas


  • Transportation support, including bus tickets for the mothers in our sober living community
  • Pack ‘n’ Play with crib, flat sheet, blanket, and age-appropriate toy for one child under the age of 2


  • Ongoing housing expenses related to hygiene and laundry supplies
  • Ongoing Internet and streaming expenses for residents and staff


  • Ongoing food expenses, including nutritious meals for mothers, baby food, and formula
  • Additional cameras onsite for our existing security system, as well as four ring doorbells: one for each entrance to our recovery center.
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  • A therapeutic community garden to support our residents in their recovery and offer a sustainable source of fresh produce
  • An outdoor play yard with play equipment for toddlers, mats for infants, and outdoor seating for mothers to supervise and bond with their little ones
  • Portable fans to offer comfort in warmer months (as our recovery center does not have central air conditioning)


  • Privacy fencing, allowing women and children to live and build recovery in safety
  • Window air conditioning units for a more permanent solution for comfort during summer months

What your donation provides

The opportunity for women, pregnant women and women with young children in need to live without the worry of paying for housing, food, therapeutic supports, connection services and the entire Heart Rock program for up to 90 days.

Donor benefits

When you donate to our Indianapolis recovery center, you can feel at peace knowing that you’ve supported our mission to help mothers in recovery from substance misuse. But a feeling of goodwill isn’t all you will get with your donation: there are also many tangible benefits to becoming a Heart Rock donor, detailed below!

We honor our generous donors with recognition within our recovery center, on the Overdose Lifeline website, and in our Annual Report.

Our donors are given the first chance to seize exclusive volunteer opportunities with the women and children of Heart Rock, including the ability to help us set up new spaces for operation and the opportunity to write a personalized letter to an incoming mother and/or her child(ren) at our Indianapolis recovery center.

Donors are also extended special invitations to exclusive donor-only events and behind-the-scenes tours, so you can see firsthand the care and compassion that goes into our day-to-day operations at Heart Rock.

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